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Welcome to HAAS Public Charter School

The purpose of the Hawaii Academy of Arts & Science is to educate and enrich the whole person and prepare the individual to respond to his or her own needs and those of our global community. The Mission of HAAS is to provide every student an education where learning needs are met by implementing flexible and effective teaching strategies which target the full range of learning styles. HAAS is a school community in the Puna district consisting of students from grades K-12. On June 21, 2001, the Hawaii State Board of Education issued a charter to HAAS, officially opening the school. From the first day students came to HAAS, it has been offering unique programs to ensure quality and holistic education for the children of our community. HAAS's main 7-12 campus has witnessed the development of new school buildings and is evolving into a beautiful setting for inspired learning. HAAS continues to improve student learning, enhance achievment, develop strong moral values, and produce citizens with the skills and desires to make the world a better place. HAAS is now leading the way for education renewal in the State of Hawai'i. It has innovative small community Schools that nurture the head, heart, and will of our children. Students who choose HAAS will be co-partners in planning, implementing, and evaluating the work we do together.